Prop360 Real Estate Investor CRM

Prop360 makes driving for dollars simple.

Pre-Qualify Your Leads

Pre-Qualify your leads by only saving properties you know are a good fit. Narrow down your criteria by equity, ownership type and a ton of other factors to only mail the properties you know will be good deals.

One Tap Mailing

Start mailing properties with just a single tap.

Add a property to a mailing sequence in a single tap. Then, let Prop360 handle automated mailing, as frequently as you'd like, for as long as you'd like.

Filter Your Saved Properties

Only mail to the properties you've pre-qualified.

Search and filter your added properties quickly from the app. Only mail the ones you think have potential to be good deals, and skip over the rest.

On-the-Fly Skip Tracing

View owner details on the fly.

Get owner contact info on over 140 million properties in the USA, all on the fly. See which properties are absentee owned, and public record info. Prop360 makes investing easy.


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