Real Estate Direct Mail with Prop360

Prop360 makes driving for dollars simple.

One Tap Mail Campaigns

Start mailing properties with just a single tap. Any time you spot a potential deal, tap once to add your property to a mailing campaign. Customize and configure each campaign to your preferences, from custom templates to layered sequences. Prop360 makes direct mail easy.

One Tap Mailing

Start mailing properties with just a single tap.

Add a property to a mailing sequence in a single tap. Then, let Prop360 handle automated mailing, as frequently as you'd like, for as long as you'd like.

Customize Your Templates

Get the most out of your direct mail with custom HTML.

Set yourself above the rest with completely configurable HTML templates. Design your own templates and send completely custom direct mail to any of your saved properties, whenever you'd like.

Leverage Sequences

Customize your mailing schedule and variety with Sequences.

Prop360 allows you to not only configure mailer design and type, but how often, how frequently, and in what series your mail comes in. If you want to send a letter, then a postcard, then a street view post card, or any other series, you can do so right from our app. Then, instantly add properties to your custom sequence in just a tap.


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