Real-Time Route Tracking with Prop360

Prop360 makes driving for dollars simple.

Easy to Use Driving Route Tracking

No more wondering, "Did I drive this street already?" Prop360 has you covered. Easily track your current runs, as well as your past runs in the app at any time. Find which areas you captured the most leads, and only spend time on the areas that matter to you most.

Real-Time Route Tracking

See exactly where you've driven.

Easily see where you've currently driven on the map, allowing you to save time by skipping streets you've already driven.

View Past Runs

See which areas you're getting the best performance in.

See which areas you (or your employees) have found the most leads in, allowing you to focus your time and energy on areas that are guaranteed to generate revenue, rather than areas with less lead volume.

Get Incredible Insights

See where you drove, the distance, and how many potential deals you scouted.

See each run's details and track performance by employee or user. See who found the most deals, as well as who had the longest drives. Your driving stats are just a tap away with Prop360.


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