Why choose Prop360 as your driving for dollars app?

Prop360 makes driving for dollars simple.

View Property Info Fast

No more hassling with lists or clunky online apps.As soon as you tap and save a property, you can see dozens of datapoints, from the owner's info to their estimated equity, even room count and deed history. We currently have coverage of over 140+ million parcels in the United States.

Automate Your Marketing

Configure your best marketing sequences and mail properties in an instant.Prop360 allows you to configure multi-step sequences, using our templates or custom HTML. We allow you more configuration than most direct mail vendors, all from the app.

Get Deals Done

Add your employees to outsource your driving.Leave yourself to the most important task - negotiating your deals. Let Prop360's automated mailings handle the rest.

Automated Property Info

View crucial details at a moment's notice.

Get tons of incredible insights about any property you view - from estimated equity to ownership info.

View anything you'd like from our 140+ million property records. We even offer equity estimates on the fly, so you can pre-qualify your deals - before you mail them.
* Available Data may vary depending on county.

Instant Mailing with Street View

Add a property to a campaign in a single tap.

Once you decide the property's a good fit to mail, simply tap Start Mailing and we'll take care of the rest. You can choose from our pre-built sequences, or add in your own custom sequences and HTML templates to allow you more customization than most direct mail companies.

Prop360 includes Street View photos for free on all plans. If the Street View photo isn't a good fit, you can take your own photo of a property to use instead.

Route Tracking Included

See where you drove, for how long, and how many potential deals you scouted.

Prop360 allows you to look back in time and see where you drove, how many deals you found, and how long you drove.

Leverage your prior success to find new places to drive, or find out where your employees are finding the best deals.


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