Hey there! Today we’re going to be diving in to one of my favorite features in Prop360, and that is Street View Mode!

Powered by Google Street View, this is available on both the Prop360 Web App and the Prop360 Mobile App. Yep, you can access it on your phone as well!

So let’s dive in and learn how to use this super-powerful feature.

Using Street View Mode on Prop360 Web

To get started in Prop360 Web, simply drag the street view marker anywhere you’d like to start.

From there, you’ll be presented with the Street View UI. You’ll be able to navigate just like you would in Google Street View, but with a several added benefits.

The Minimap

prop360 minimap

The Prop360 Minimap will display your current route, as well as past routes, if you’ve enabled them.

First, you’ll see a minimap at the bottom of the screen. This will display where you’ve been in your current street view run, as well as your past runs, so you’re never going to the same area multiple times if you’ve already scouted there recently.

Additionally, the minimap will show all your added properties. You’ll notice a marker dot if you’ve already added that property, and the marker will also be visible in the main street view area.

The Add Button

quick actions in Prop360

On the bottom right of your screen, the Quick Actions view provides the ability to get an accurate address, add a property, or end your run.

To add a property in Street View Mode, simply look at the property in street view and click “Add Property”. This will bring up a modal just like you had clicked on it in Prop360’s Map View.

From there, you can view owner information, and quickly add the property or view more details. You can also start a direct mail campaign right from this screen.

The Stats View

stats view

The Prop360 Stats View provides insights into how many properties you’ve added, how far you’ve traveled, and how long you’ve been scouting for.

In Street View Mode, each time you enter will be counted as a Run. This means that all properties added, time in the run, and distance travelled, as well as your route, will be stored on your Runs page. You’ll also be able to see these stats live as you’re adding properties on the top-left corner of your screen.

Moving Locations

If you’ve already covered the entire neighborhood, or simply would like to go to a different area, simply drag your location marker in the minimap to a new position.

You can zoom by scrolling in or out of the minimap if you’d like to travel out further.

Ending Your Run

Once you’re finished in Street View, you can click “End Run”. This will store your Run, allowing you to look back in the future and see where you drove. The route will also be displayed on your map.

Using Street View Mode on Prop360 Mobile

If you prefer the Prop360 Mobile App, we’ve got you covered! You can add properties in Street View Mode here as well.

To get started, simply click the marker icon at the bottom of your screen. This will enter Street View from your current location.

From here, you can either begin Street View from your current location, or simply tap and drag your marker in the minimap to go to a different location.

You can pinch in or out from the minimap to travel further or closer to your farm area.

From here, you can add properties just as you would in the web app’s Street View Mode. Simply look at a property, click Add Property to pop up details, and save accordingly if you’d like to view more details.

You can also begin mail right from this view.

Scaling with Street View

Now that you know how to use Street View, we recommend getting started!

In just a few minutes, you can add dozens of properties to your deal flow, and start getting some leads coming in.

Then, hop over to this guide to create mail sequences, and this guide to get the most out of your mailings.

That’s it for now! I wish you the best of luck in your driving and of course, let us know if you have any features you’d like to see in Prop360!