Hey there!

Today we’re going to take a look at how to get the most out of Prop360’s Direct Mail features.

We’re going to specifically focus on setting up custom sequences – because let’s be honest, standing out from your direct mail competition is crucial, especially in competitive markets.

So let’s get started!

Step 1: Setting Up Custom Direct Mail Templates

Step one to this guide is going to be to set up your custom direct mail templates.

If you haven’t done so yet, here’s a quick guide on how to do that.

Often, these templates will take you just a few minutes to create each.

You can use custom colors, background colors, fonts, add in street view images, and even add in instant offers (learn more about how to do that here).

Once you’ve got some templates set up, or, if you’re fine with using our built-in templates, you can move on to the next section of this guide.

Step 2: Setting Up Custom Sequences

Now that you’ve got your templates ready to go, it’s time to set up some sequences.

Basic Criteria

To get started, let’s come up with a few requirements. Here’s a few things we tend to do when setting up our campaigns:

  • Use at least a series of 6 pieces of mail, or if not 6 pieces, repeat your sequence enough to send at least 6 times
  • Spread your mail out a bit. You might want to mail a prospect for 6, 12, even 24 months. Spread out your mail accordingly.
  • Start slowly. If you’re mailing every 7 days to all leads, you may not get as good results on cold leads. Start out with less frequency (say, once every 14 or 30 days), and work to higher frequency over time.

With those in mind, let’s get started.

For the purpose of this guide, we’ll be creating this sequence on the Prop360 Mobile App, though the process is just as easy on Web!

Of note, if you’d like to create new templates on the fly while creating your sequence, we’d recommend using the Prop360 Web App.

Adding Sequences

Head over to your Mail tab in Prop360, and click Add Sequence.

creating new sequence in Prop360 Mobile

Creating a new sequence in Prop360 Mobile is easy.

Now let’s make things interesting! I’m going to call this sequence New Leads. This will be my initial sequence for new properties on my campaign. Enter whatever title you’d like in the Sequence Title field.

select mailer template in Prop360 Mobile

We’ll use the “Basic Investor Letter” default template for this example.

Now it’s time to add your first piece of mail on the sequence. For my template, I’m going to choose Basic Investor Letter, a default template of ours.

I personally like to mail postcards first, then do letters over time. Definitely test and iterate over time to see what works for you.

What works in one market may not work in another – especially in different price ranges, competition levels, etc.

Adding Steps to Sequences

Now that I’ve got my initial letter set up, I’ll click the button. This will allow me to add my second mailer to the sequence.

multiple mailers in Prop360 Sequence

Adding a second, third, or even 20th mailer is super simple to do in Prop360 Mobile.

You’ll notice a new input popped up above the other form fields, called Then Wait X Days. This will be the delay between the first piece of mail and this new one I just added.

wait times in Prop360 Sequences

You can configure a wait time between postcards with the Send Next Mailer After option.

For me, since this is for new leads, I’m going to set this to 7 for 7 days. Feel free to choose a good timeline for your sequence. We always recommend sticking to at least 7 days, as mail can take time to prepare and send.

Now, using the same steps as above, I’ll go ahead and add steps 3-6 using default templates. I’m going to go with postcards for #2, #3, #4, and then I’ll follow up with two types of Street View postcards to finalize my campaign.

final campaign in Prop360

Now that we’ve got a finalized sequence, it’s time to save it!

Awesome! Now we’ve got a basic campaign set up. But what’s that Repeat Amount at the bottom?

Repeating Sequences

This field is extremely important, especially on smaller sequences. This is our repeat sequence amount.

Since this is for new leads, I’m going to repeat this sequence three times. That means for each property I add to this campaign, they’ll get these 6 mailers in a row, 3 times, and then will stop being mailed.

I’ll do a quick review here and save our sequence. Looks like we’re good to go!

Step 3: Adding Properties to Your Custom Sequence

Now that we’ve got this awesome sequence ready to go, I can’t wait to put some of my new leads on this mail sequence.

Let’s head over to the Properties page.

sort by new leads in Prop360

You can access the lead status search in the “Advanced Filters” of the Prop360 Mobile search page.

To make sure that I’m not double-mailing any of my properties, I’m going to sort by New Leads. This will allow me to only see leads I just added.

Alternatively, I could also search by Properties Not Being Mailed, though, this would show me properties that may have already finished their sequences with no reply.

Since this is my sequence for new leads, I’m only going to include them for this one. I will set up a different reminder follow up sequence for my aged leads.

Bulk Adding on Mobile

properties found in Prop360

We’ve got 125 properties to start mailing. Perfect!

On the Mobile App, we’re just about done. We can see here from our Search Results screen that we’ve got 125 properties. I can just tap Start Mailing Sequence and select New Leads. We’re all set!

Bulk Adding on Web

To bulk add properties in web, you’ll head over to the Properties page.

search filters on Prop360 Web

We can easily filter down our properties with Prop360 Web’s search filters.

From here, we’ll enter our search filters just as before. Now we’ve got the result properties.

In my search results, I’m going to click and hold on a property. This will put me into Edit Mode.

From here, I’ll add everything from search by clicking “Select All From Search”. Then click Choose Campaign.

Choosing a Campaign

Now it’s time to add our properties to our newly-created sequence! I’ll just select our sequence from the top menu, and click Start Mailers.

Within a few days, all these properties will receive their first mailing per the sequence, and they’ll continue to receive mail until the sequence is over, or they’re deleted from our leads.

Step 4: Waiting For Calls

Now that these properties have been added to our campaign, all we’ve got to do is sit back, relax, and wait for calls to come in.

Or, of course, we could spend some more time doing what’s important – adding more properties!

The more properties you add, the more deals in the top of your funnel. Keep adding, keep iterating on your sequences, and you’ll be set.