Hey there, fellow investors!

Today we’re going to take a dive into overriding default templates in Prop360.

Because let’s be honest: being unique is crucial in direct mail marketing. Gotta set yourself apart!

Let’s get started!

The First Option: Creating a Custom Template

Before you go around and edit a default template, ask yourself the question, “Is this template going to be similar to the default template, or am I better off creating a custom one instead?

If you’re unsure, or you’re new to editing HTML – just go ahead and edit off of the default.

Keep in mind that editing a default template will not override the default template. Rather, it’ll add a custom variation of the default template, labeled accordingly.

For example, if you edit the “Basic Investor Letter” template, a new template will be created for you called “Custom Basic Investor Letter”, unless you choose a different name. Keep this in mind when modifying your sequences.

If you’re sure that this will be pretty different from a default template, a new template may be a better option. Check out our guide on creating custom postcard and letter templates here to get started.

Editing Default Templates

Now that we’re ready to edit a default template, simply click on the bottom part of the template on your Mail page. This will bring up the Template Editor.

prop360 template editor

The Prop360 Template Editor makes creating and editing mail easy.

Quick Tip: If you want a preview any time without loading the template editor, you can click the image portion of the template. This will bring up the most recent preview we have of your template, from the last time it was edited.

Now that we’ve got our editor open, we can see the HTML template rendered, as well as a preview that will be refreshing every few seconds.

Edit the template as much as you’d like, and save whenever you’re done. You can also change the name to save under a different name if preferred.

If you save under the default name, the template will be saved as the same name, but with the word “Custom” beforehand. That way, you can easily notice the difference when adding properties onto mailers or adding it to sequences.

That wraps up our guide on editing default templates! So edit some templates, create some custom ones, and most importantly, get out there and add some properties!